OUR MILL DEPOT - Houston, tx


In The Heart of Houston

Our 110,000 SQ FT warehouse, headquarted in Houston's Medical Center area, is home to over 14 different alloys in various shapes and forms of copper, brass and bronze grades.


Providing a Solution & Value Added Services

Not only do we stock material for distribution, we strive to provide a solution for our customers by opening our doors for consignment, and JIT options.

Our Quality Assurance

All inventory is ordered to ASTM specifications, plus US Federal, military and aerospace specifications where applicable.

All wrought material in our warehouse can be supplied with full certifications in accordance with the above-mentioned specifications, chemically, mechanically, and physically.

All material is analyzed and checked several times before dispatch. Material is identified in all stages of production, in scrap form, in molten form, in billet form, and in final configuration. Material is carefully tagged with heat numbers and identification numbers as it moves down the production line until the final inspection prior to dispatch.

All material is subject to rigorous physical tests where micro-structures, tensile, yield strength, U.T. testing, eddy current conductivity, elongation, and hardness are measured and reported.